Tuesday, October 5, 2010

"Wow, that just flew by!"

its been forever since this has been updated. needless to say, that's been a good thing, because it means i have been too busy getting at other things. still humming away over here in Minneapolis. summer has came and went, and fall is starting to set in. august and September flew by, and here we are beginning of October finally starting to calm down a little. ended the season out in Ocean City, Maryland for the H2Ointernational show. decided to turn it into a shop adventure, rented a house for the week, and hauled our butts out there for the show. I will have another post here soon relating to that in itself. here we are a week later from returning home, and its still to much to process. but just a taste of what it was like....

in other news, we are still full steam ahead on project "stage plaid". the new clutch pacs came in this week, and we are filling the DSG back up on the car as we speak. so soon to be another post on that as well. we did bring it out along for the ride out to the show, and took 1st place in "MKV wild"
and Mike had his golf 33t project in the Forge Motorsports booth at the show for the weekend.

so other then that, things have been well. the weather has been amazing the last few weeks, so i hope your all out enjoying some good last rides before old man winter comes in and steps on our hobby for another winter..

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