Tuesday, October 5, 2010

DSG development/ Stage Plaid MKV R32 turbo.

so while we all were off enjoying some R&R in Maryland for the show, my clutches came back from development for the MKV turbo R32. our last installment in the project in terms of power was calmed earlier then expected, due to the clutches starting to slip before we could really give it the beans. so before we could start to address higher then 22psi, we had to deal with this.

well, with only a few brands dealing with clutches for the DSG as of yet, and asking a premium for them, we decided to send the OEM clutches from the spare trans out to be spec'ed up for a performance replacement. so now we have something back for some trial and error. so new material on both the clutches, and the steels that go between them. as of yet, this is only one of two units made, so we are still in early stages, but its a start.

to try and speed things up, we were going to do a straight swap out to the used transmission. so we swapped out the good Mech unit from the current transmission, and the new clutches when back into the original unit they came from, and then back into the car. all was well, and we got a few laps around the block out of the way, making sure all was shifting properly, etc. well, later that day we realized that it doesn't have a "park function" any longer? long story short, the trans will be coming back out again to swapped back for the original unit. and while out, Mech unit, and new clutches will go into as well. so a few steps backwards, but its still coming along.

i can say that the more we do it, the easier it gets though....

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