Thursday, August 12, 2010

DSG upgrade time.

so in the previous post, we covered the clutch pac slippage in the DSG trans. we have a couple thoughts as to whats going on in there. first of being more related to pressure, vs the actual clutches themselves. so we plan to completely tear down the spare DSG we have, so we can get at the valve body unit, and the pump that feeds it. goal being to see if we cant increase the actual pressure, while still utilizing the stock fluid pressure. obviously once we get it all out and looked at, that could go right out the window. as of now, its all thoughts and theory until we get there.

next to address will be the clutches themselves. after completely tearing down and inspecting the clutches, they were sent off to be checked out, and to see if we cant maybe add another DSG solution to market maybe? seems up until now, only thing out there was the HGP stage2 and 3, carried through HPA. well, i am not a fan of giving Marcel anything but a hard time lol. so needless to say, i know all there stuff is actual HGP hardware. so for there to only be one, very expensive solution just doesnt seem right. and who knows, after all the R&D, it might be that expensive for a reason? so we will soon find out i guess. but anyhow, onto the pictures i suppose..

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