Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Some pics from H2Ointernational. (some commentary included, as always)

just a few from the show itself. starting off with Tristans foot. no idea where or why, but i found it kinda funny when looking through the pictures from the show.

a couple of sick engine bays. as always, you never know where you might get some inspiration from later on down the road..

last years, and this years "Top Dawg" winners engine bay. now if he had it running properly, i would like the car that much more..

sick Audi coupe from "Top Dawg" w/ turbo VR6 power. absolutely stunning conversion..

and talk about being so retro it hurts. MK1 rabbit with all the era specific parts. Oettinger intake manifold, damn near still looking as new as it was when it came off the line in Germany..

and the tacky "look at me!" paint scheme doesnt do it for me, but the engine bay was all bzns! i thought less and less of it as the weekend went on though, the more and more i had to listen to the guys starting it up and wrapping it off the limiter. when did Unitronic get the memo that H2Oi was turning into Hot Import Nights? just a question? lol
and a smattering of others cars that caught our attention..



pancakegrl said...

very cool hun!!! =)

phreephil said...

that oettinger mk1 is the entire engine. was NOS before he put it in. unobtanium. should have won imho.

Tattoo24v said...

I have to agree with Phil, hands down should have stole the show imho