Thursday, August 12, 2010

stage plaid, the saga continues.....

so its been a bit. time hasnt been on my side lately, so i appologize for the delay. alot has been going on at the shop the last few weeks. we got the MKV R32 up and running, and finally out and about. Jeff Attwood (formerly of C2Motorsports) from United Motorsport ( made his way out for a weeks worth of fine tuning and adjustment, ending in some promising dyno numbers from tuning alone (564whp/450trq w/Haldex disconnected- 2WD dyno). ran into some fueling concerns at 22psi, and got a new fuel pump into the next day, with bigger plans down the road. but before we could get it back on the rollers for a couple full out pulls with the AWD working, the clutch pacs started slip. dial back the boost, and still get the same slippage. so after some tweeking, we realized 15psi is about the max it can handle right now. so a set back, but nothing that will kill the project.

a quick video of the first dyno pull..

and a few of the thing running around on the street at 20psi

and since Jeff was in town for the week, and the clutch failure took us to a point there was nothing more we could do with the R for the time being. and we still had a day with him left, and dyno time sorted. so we took advantage, and had Jeff work on my personal 3.3l vr6 turbo project. needless to say, the 507whp/400trq numbers made me happy :)

olsons mkIV dyno from Kristopher Clewell on Vimeo.

coming next, DSG tear down..

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