Saturday, April 24, 2010

mkV R32 stg PLAID build.

ok, sorry about the delay. been buried in this for the most part..

motor is now back in, and the harness is complete until i get the radiator, and core support back from Dillon Radiator down in Rochester Mn. only place somewhat local i could find that was willing to tackle what we needed to have done. more on that once its back, but lets just say the car will still have a fully functional a/c.
3.2l VR6 with the following; JE 84mm 8.5-1 compression pistons, w/ true seal rings, Integrated Engineering forged con rods, with ARP2000 rod hardware. ARP lower end crank hardware, Racewear head stud kit, and Schrick cam shafts. C2/PAG parts T4 manifold, Tial 38mm waste gate, Precision PTB300 ceramic ball bearing turbo with .81 hotside. custom Jazz blue wrinkle powdercoated valve cover, and intercooler piping, as well as black hot coated manifold, and turbo exhaust housing, done by Primo Performance in New Brighton Mn.

motor in, and starting to lay the harness out. this is where things get tedious. (more on this in the next post) literally un-did the entire harness from the engine bay, and re-wrapped it to my needs. eliminated what we did need, but without cutting anything other than one single ground wire. anything that wasnt needed any longer was de-pinned from its plug, and secured before being wrapped into the harness again..
enough for now, more to come. and for those that catch the movie the build title is named after, nice work. one of my all time favorites..

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