Tuesday, April 20, 2010

ok, so i said i would get an update up! so hear it is, short and sweet..

so obviously i wasn't kidding. the days have been flying by as of late, and having time has become a premium. like a customer said today, "you having an impromptu car show today?" a handful of air-cooled, as well as a handful of older audis and dubs laying about, as well a street full of customer cars is more or less a daily occurrence. summer is here early, and everyone has something that needs to be addressed. whether brakes on the youngest daughters car, or a turbo kit built and installed on a R32, its been the full spectrum lately.

and we got our new tees for the spring/ summer season! something a little different, and going a little retro. and as well, designed by another local car fanatic, Dustin Gray. something to go with some of the older projects we have going on in the shop for the season i suppose. and the next might explain that a tad better....

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