Saturday, April 24, 2010

stage plaid part 2

so as will become apparent as you read these, is that part one is more or less the current state. as i do these, i am more or less working backwards. for some reason, its easier to start where i am at now, and walk back through whats already been done.

before we could get the motor all back in, i went through and did what i could to eliminate any un-needed clutter, wiring, etc, as possible. as well, went through and cleaned up all the dirt and grime from underneath all the components. as well, all the cosmolene out of the front fenders, and frame horns.

while i was working away on that over a period of time, Peter was doing his thing with the engine block and head. before starting on the fun stuff, we cleaned it up, and sent it off to be checked out for clearances, just to be sure we hadnt caused any issues during the time it was at stg3 settings. so with all good, Peter started in on the engine..

and just like anything, this build has had its share of not so fun moments. when getting ready to assemble the block, Peter found out upon attempt, that the pistons were actually .5 over bore units. we were all under the assumption they were standard sized units, so had never bothered to actually check the pistons, or the box i suppose.

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