Saturday, December 5, 2009

what is the "Modball Rally"?

So I suppose i should have thrown this up beforehand, but just to explain to some what the Modball Rally is all about.

From the Modball Rally website;

"The Modball Rally has firmly placed it’s stake in the ground as the modified version of the Gumball3000 and Bullrun, and known around the world as the rally everyone can join in and afford to enter.

After three fantastic years of causing mayhem across Europe the Modball Rally has already planned 2009/2010 to be the biggest years yet… bring on the USA!

Dirty Sanchez, race circuits, beautiful girls, all night parties, amazing European and American roads… these are just a few things that make up the annual Modball Rallies.
“The Modball Rally is the most bonkers road trip around Europe and now it’s back for a third time! We took part in the Modball Rally last year and had an absolute blast with some wild driving and even wilder partying. Expect no sleep unless you fancy missing one of the evening’s mental parties.”
(Quote: Max Power Magazine)

So far the Modball Rally has organized over 1000 people through 19 countries attending 17 parties, this figure will double by 2010 and you can be part of it.
Live shows during the rallies have included Dirty Sanchez, the Fuel Girls, The Late Show London and the annual trip to the Swiss Tuning Show in Geneva, Switzerland. During the 2008 event Modballers tore up the F1 Monza race circuit in Milan, Italy.
“Easily the best week of our lives” Richard Henderson, 2008 Modballer.

There’s no 10-year waiting list or $40,000 entry fee for this rally, team entry starts from $3000 in USA & £1190 in Europe"

And despite all the issues we had, as you have been reading about, I am starting to think that if we were to get ourselves involved now in the 2010 running of the rally, we could make it a much better time. so stay tuned, we could be looking for other to come along and join us again next summer. the price has been dropped, and has 2 different runs planned for the summer. and east coast route from New York, to Miami for august. and another planned for October/November from LA, to Vegas for SEMA again. who knows, we have a few different projects going on. so maybe we will have to make an "aircooled squad" team this year....

$995 Per Person – Minimum two people per car. Solo driver entry $1990.


- Fill out the entry form
- Choose EAST or WEST
- Pay your $200 deposit
- To enter by phone call a member of the sales team on +144 2076134794

- The first 100 cars for each rally to fill out this form and pay a deposit will be entered in the event, after that the reserve list will be created but is no way guaranteed. We suggest you get your deposit in early and start finding your own sponsors to help cover your costs
- Your car must have at least two (2) modifications, cosmetic or mechanical
- You must be ready to party for 5 days
- You must not be shy in front of the camera

- You will be sent a Modball sponsorship pack to help you gain sponsorship for the event
EAST – Your final balance must be paid before July 1st 2010
WEST – Your final balance must be paid before September 1st 2010

- You can have as many sponsors as you wish as long as they don’t conflict with Modball official sponsors
- Once you have placed all official Modball stickers on your car you can add all the stickers from your sponsors, no limits on size

- Hotels
- Parties
- Full sticker packs
- Team packs and sponsor giveaways
- Huge media coverage for teams to gain their own sponsors

Additional passengers $995 per person

EAST NOTE: Event date AUGUST 25TH – 29TH 2010. Once you have booked you can amend your team details (co-pilot, passengers, car) up to and including July 1st 2010.
WEST NOTE: Event date OCTOBER 29TH – NOV 2ND 2010. Once you have booked you can amend your team details (co-pilot, passengers, car) up to and including September 1st 2010.

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