Monday, December 7, 2009

Modball Rally - Day 4 (Kansas City to Denver)

Day 4

We were up again early, and things went fairly smooth for the start. It was a long drive day: KC to Denver. It was a little bit of fun getting out of the city in traffic and all, but things went okay. I would love to say we had more pics from the night before, but Tristan’s camera was stolen sometime through the night. Any and all pics from his side of things are gone forever.

We got on the road again, and all was going well. Once again, we barely saw a state trooper or cop along the way. Then, we stopped off for gas in the middle of Kansas.

As we are sitting there gathering everyone to leave, one of our guys overheard a lady at the counter talking about calling the cops about us and our driving. While he heard that, I noticed one state boy roll through, all slow like, and then head back out east on the interstate. About 3 minutes later, another does the same thing, and heads west. Yea, this could be fun.

Off we go.

Once again, we didn’t see a single cop for quite a while. We were all driving pretty aggressively heading toward the state line to Colorado, when the M3 decided to step it up a notch, and is gone! Out of nowhere, all of our detectors light up, we all back down, and end up passing the trooper. However, he had to wait for all of us to go by in order to get out onto the road after the M3. He got out onto the road, and flew past all of us in chase. About 5 minutes later, detectors blazing again, he came back on the other side in the fast lane, doing about 30mph, and glaring at all of us. From what we gathered later, the M3 guys passed him at about double the posted limit. They saw him, and figured screw it, and stayed deep in it. The state line happened to come before they even made eye contact with him again. We later found out via another group in the rally that they had a scanner in the car and there was another reason the cop did the fly-by on us. It turns out that they were looking for a stolen car, and the car happened to be white. It was supposedly a Buick or something, but all they saw was a white car moving at a good rate of speed, which happened to be the G35 in our group. Buick, Infinity, they look the same right? But then again, in the middle of Kansas, things are different maybe?

We finally arrived in Denver, and the hotel has everything all messed up. Parking was a bitch, and the people all sucked hard. We dealt with that and got settled in. I figured, what the hell, I might as well go out and hit one of these party things that I had skipped out on the night before. Well, that was stupid, lol. If it weren't for our group who were supposed to have all this "VIP" access to swanky clubs, there would have been 4 people there. It was an absolutely ridiculous gathering, and annoying as hell. I am not much for bars and clubs, but I even knew this was a waste of time.

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