Thursday, December 3, 2009

Modball Rally- Day 3 (Chicago to Kansas City)

Day 3

We were up and at it early Saturday morning. We were supposed to hit the road at 9:30, but come 9:00, there was still no sign of the organizers. Around 9:30, we finally get word that they aren't going to be able to get a rental for the trip, and they are looking for room to ride along with someone. Awesome way to start, huh? I end up with some extra gear in the car. Tristan had some more gear in his car, as well as a passenger, who turned out to be the photog for the event. So, I suppose that worked out.

We finally hit the road around 10:30, scrapping the photo shoot idea. Trying to get a rental car had blown through any of our time before traffic picked up in the city, and it would have been too hard to keep everyone together.

Off to Kansas City we go…

There were no real issues once we were on the road. We were making great time, and didn’t see any police to speak of. We stopped off for gas at "The Worlds Largest Truck Stop!" So far, we saw no troopers, or state police on the roads.

We were back on the road, and had another painless drive to Kansas City. We did get separated from some of the group. The STi and the Skyline went south through Iowa into Missouri instead of the route we went, which I think turned out to be a good thing. They ended up getting ticketed for 3 different offenses, lol. They sat in cuffs for a bit, after pissing off the cop. The cops were still getting complaint calls while writing the citations. Turns out, passing on the shoulder at 120mph while shooting off fireworks is good way to draw some negative attention to yourself. ha ha. Who would've thunk it? lol.

We get to KC, and all goes smoothly for what turns out to be maybe the only time that happens for the entire rest of the trip. We sorted out the rooms and parking, and then most people went off to get ready for the Halloween party. A few of us walked to the local bar for a few beers, and then I skipped out on the party to wipe the car down and unwind. This was also about the time I realized that I was eating through almost a quart of oil for every tank of gas. Yea, that’s not a good thing…

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