Thursday, December 3, 2009

Modball Rally- Day 2 (Chicago Registration)

Day 2

So, Friday was registration day, and off to the hotel we went. It was kinda swanky, but stuffy and annoying at the same time. There were not too many cars there on our arrival. When we arrived we found out that parking out front of the hotel will cost us $50 for the night. WTF? You’re kidding right? Seeing as there wasn't a single car that looked like something that would be along on the event in the lot, we parked in the covered garage for what turned out to be $18 for the night.

(i will have to add photos on this section later, seeing as how they are all on Tristans laptop)

I admit that I was dismayed when we arrived, seeing as how there was a lime green civic (super glue, and eBay-parts style), and a bone stock RX-8 parked in a coned-off area. I can remember thinking "this is the modified gumball? Are you effing kidding me? lol"

A few others finally start to arrive: an R32 Skyline, 91 NSX turbo, E92 V8 M3, Infinity G35 coupe, turbo small block V8 swapped 240sx, built WRX STi, Scion Xa, etc. but not the full 100 cars, or 50 cars, which in the end was 12 cars? (Yea, what did i say earlier about things looking bad?) That was the start of things going downhill. Everyone got their rooms, and started to mingle while waiting for the registration to start.

After registration was sorted out, we were off to get all the graphics applied. One of the entrants had a pal with a body shop that we could use to get all the vinyl applied. The organizers had trouble renting a car for the event, and had been late since they were off trying to handle that. So off we went.

We went back to the hotel to prepare for the next day. It was set-up to make a run to Sears Tower for a mini photo shoot, and a few people were up late to apply all the sponsor logos.

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