Friday, July 9, 2010

Stage Plaid update (MKV R32 turbo)

well, back into the motor we are going. just when we thought we had all licked, and were ready to start getting some miles on the car, a whole lot of stuff fell apart. where to begin? not a clue, and its all conjecture at this point in the matters. lets just say that a certain supplier is having issues, and we happen to be stuck in the middle of it all. once things are all said and done, maybe i will be able to elaborate more.

but suffice it to say, it runs, or did i should say. some changes are now under way, and the head is back off the car. making some last minute changes to ensure we have every last bit of possible engine cooling issues sorted. and while doing so, the client decide to take another swing at the head. so the head is off to be port matched, then having all new Supertech valves, springs, and retainers done to go along with the Schrick cams already installed previously. as well, we are having the headgasket set, and the previously used head spacer water jet cut in a few key locations to help maintain consistent temps through the block.

and some of you whom might be following the car a little more closely might have noticed i mention a head spacer again? but know that it already has a set of 8.5-1 comp ratio pistons? short answer, even lower compression, in hopes of running 30psi on pump gas? its an oldskool trick that we are going to give a try at with this car. obviously thats just a tad bit of information, but to get into it more would require a while other post :)

so maybe i will get to that later, trying to keep things short and sweet. now to a few pics..

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