Monday, July 19, 2010

Stage Plaid update 2-3 (MKV R32 turbo)

some pics to get us all caught up. head back from the machine shop, with all the new goodies stuffed into it. Speedtech valves, retainers, and valve springs, to compliment the Schrick cams we previously installed.

head gasket, and spacer back from the my contact at Acme Machine. i had them open up two of the coolant ports in both the gasket set, and the head spacer we had in the car last season, before going to the lower compression ratio pistons. with a slight update to our plans, we decided to put the spacer back in, to lower the ratio that much more. 30 psi on pump fuel is now the goal. and with the head now backed up, we can go higher than 8k rpms if we need to ;)

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