Monday, August 8, 2011

some pictures from DIV 2011..

dubs in the valley 2011, oshkosh wi, aug 6th;
as always, another blast of a show put on by the DIV/Madspeed crew. this year we helped out by sponsoring the show, and bringing a few friends along for the ride, via the Rally to the Valley/ Long Ball Rally events western leg (to which i will have more pics of that in itself). they even gave us our own corner to set up in, as to which we surely took over :)

tristans avant...
and karmann ghia...
and notchback convertible. yea, we somehow got all three of his out :) the aircooled cars stole the show!
mike d's mk4, fresh out of the body shop for some cleaning :)
whiteys turbo .:R
seths mk4, as to which his timing belt tensioner shit the bed at 70mph on the drive home...
kai's mk6 4dr gti
and of course, mikes mk4 frankengolf...
and one of the pile of R/C cars we brought along for fun. more pictures to come as people start to get them to us :)

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