Thursday, March 17, 2011

2010 Golf with some OEM goodness..

came in on sunday, and spent the day with Lawrence, and the owner of this here Golf to get it all sorted, and hold him over until his R32 gets back. rocked out for the day, and got new coilovers, MKV R32 front brakes, rear sway bar, CC Rline wheels, badges, and Rline golf grille. as well, TDi front fogs and grilles, and a bunch of euro OEM interior trim pieces. still a couple small odds and ends to sort, but its looking damn good for a little golf :)

once the snow is gone, and the new springs settle, it will be coming down more, dont worry. as well, we tried to fit a 2010 CC Rline interior into the car, and failed. or i wont say failed, just isnt a direct fit in the rear. the front however do, but the customer didnt want to do it fronts only. so off to the drawing board for the interior stuff..

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