Monday, May 10, 2010

Audi and VW 2.0t car, Public Service Announcement

so i wanna take a chance to do a bit of a PSA for the 2.0t crowd out there watching. and hey, know anyone with one that might not see this? forward it along. this is something we have started to recommend at the shop, to be inspected, and more than likely replaced at 30k mileage intervals as of the last week or so. 06 through 08 in both the Audi and VW cars. seems that the parts werent particularly hardened when built, and arent standing up to the pressures produced within the fuel pump.

this is what they should look like, more or less. this one is a used one that we replaced when we did an APR high pressure fuel pump upgrade. for the last few months, we have just automatically replaced them. this is the fuel pump cam follower, or fuel pump lifter as its known.

more or less consistant across the face, and black in color if you really look at it. the black, being some kind of coating i assume, like Teflon or something of that nature . more or less, something to reduce wear on the metal itself. well, needless to say, i don't think that plan is working out for them to well. we have seen 2 actual complete failures. one being just a small pinhole, but an otherwise well running car. the customer had been hearing us talk of it, and took it upon himself to check it out, and did it just in time. so far, so good.

and then we have this. granted, i will label it as a "severe service example", and being on the extreme side of the equation. but then again, car has less then 40k on it, and is meticulously maintained by the owner. but is tracked regularly, and has more or less all the bolt on goodies, etc. as well, it was one of the first APR HPFP we had done, and before we knew the lifter was an issue.

needless to say, failure on an extreme level. enough to cause damage to the cam that the follower rides on, and damage the pump. so ne new fuel pump, as well as a new cyl head. yes, you heard that right, new cyl head. the only way at this point to replace that fuel pump cam.

just wanted to get the word out there, pass it on if you know anyone with a 2.0t..

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