Sunday, March 7, 2010

current events...

been starting to pick up around the shop the last few weeks. weather is finally starting to turn, and income tax returns are starting to filter in. the 2010 season is on the horizon, and the melting snow is the catalyst so to speak. just as ominous as the sand in an hour glass, the summer season is almost upon us. so the projects are coming out, and the phones are starting to ring..

a few pictures from the current crop of projects going on at the shop. 2008 VW R32 turbo, which is a collaboration between us at Further, C2Motorsports (, and the owner of the car. motor is out, and is in the process of being gone through and built up to handle the next installment. was in the 400 AWHP range, and now shooting for over 600!

( in the background, you can also see another customers 60's era VW bus. motor overhaul, and transmission rebuild, then its off to be vinyl wrapped for some advertising purposes..)

and a carry in project, HRE C21 wheels from an Ex-Protomotive 996TT project car. split them apart, and they are now off to powder coating


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