Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Dubkorps Regiment HD-3 heavyweight hoodies..

so we are working on another order of Dubkorps gear, and wanted to get a feel for what the locals might want us to stock up on? so feel free to make some suggestions. and as well, their new heavy weight, insulated hoodies are now available as well. so we wanted to extend a little offer to the local Eurowerks community, and euro enthusiasts. i plan to place the order by the end of next week (Jan 16th). so from now, until Thursday the 15th, any pre-orders of the new hoodie (The Regiment HD-3) will be 10% off the Dubkorps pricing, or instead of the listed $66.97, we will do them at $59.99. and this way, there is no shipping for you to pay, as we handle all of that when placing our stocking order...

so lets us know what you like!

thanks, Further Performance

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