Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Modball Rally - Day 6 (Salt Lake City to Las Vegas)

Day 6

Tuesday morning was the last leg of the rally. We were onward to Vegas. Once again, all sorts of insanity happened overnight. Remember the fire alarm going off? As it turned out, the Canadians still had some fireworks left over, and had decided to set them off in one of the hallways, as well as launching some into another Modballers room. After begging and pleading with management, they were let off after paying $500 for the damage to the hotel. They ended up burning up some carpet in the hallway, but no other damage to speak of.

The other story of the night? It turns out that the Ohio boys had their NSX involved in a crime scene outside the club. I never heard the full story, but from what we were told, there was a stabbing in the lot outside the club and it all went down along side of their car. So they were up all night waiting on the go ahead to take their car back to the hotel. After all the story telling, and everyone getting themselves up and ready, we were back on the road. one days drive left, and we arrive in Vegas..

the drive down was pretty uneventful. the weather was awesome, without a cloud in the sky. coming from the cold of the Midwest, it was a nice break . 70 degrees and sunny for the most part, cruising with the windows down. so much better than snow and cold like they were having back home..

We finally arrive in Vegas. traffic was typical rush hour traffic. so stop and go the last few miles into the city. so we all battle are way through that for the last push onward to the Palms Resort. and as always, the boys in the NSX were getting antsy. so burn outs, and rev limiter launches were had under various bridges, etc. when we do actually arrive to the hotel, we drive right into another mess of traffic at the resort. i assumed as much, knowing how the city can get when the SEMA convention is in town. we work are way through that, and up into valet to unpack the cars. just when we finish unpacking the cars, literally, we find out we are at the wrong place? seems the event coordinators had switched the arrangements, but just hadn't told any of the participants? great start, right.

So from there, it was off to the Palms Lounge for the arrival party. party is one thing it wasn't, unless you were all about a back room without a bar, on one half with our rowdy group, and the other, the stuffy folks from California. we stuck it out for the awards and what not, but were quick to get the heck out of there to relax for a few hours before the nights events.

I myself, chose to skip out on the clubs, and washed my car for the first time since leaving Minnesota..

(i will add now, that we are still working on getting all the pics and video from the photographer of the event. so once i do, i will be updating the picture portions of these blogs....)

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