Thursday, December 3, 2009

APR Annual Holiday Sale

APR, and Further Performance are getting geared up and ready for Christmas this year and will be in full force!

APR Annual Holiday Sale

Beginning Monday November 23rd, the APR Holiday Sale is launched worldwide. The sale will run through to December 31 and APR will announce individual product group sales every Tuesday and Thursday until the end of the sale. Be sure to check for the latest information.

ECU Upgrades: “show special” buy one program, get fully loaded. N/A cars are $100 off fully loaded or $50 off single program just like the last sale we had!
*ECU Sale runs through the ENTIRE period of the sale*

Exhausts: 10% off

Intakes: 10% off

APR Motorsport Line: 15% off

Bipipe and Accessories: 10% off

Intercoolers: 10% off

Turbo Kits: 10% off

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